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Caring for an original

High gloss works are both hardy and fragile. The surface protects the colours and surface from fading, dust and mild moisture exposure.

It is not advisable to hang these works outside or in bathrooms due to extreme moisture.

Take care not to drop the work as the glossy surface can shatter.

Cleaning the surface.

The surface is prone to scratching with repeated cleaning so do be careful. Remove dust with a gentle duster or micro-fibre cloth.

More stubborn marks can be carefully removed with a warm and mild soapy water solution. Do not rub hard as this will scratch the surface.

Weight of work

Megan uses high quality materials for these works so they are often heavier than traditional canvas. Due to the weight she uses a strong stainless steel string hanging technique.

We recommend original works are hung using a standard multi-nail hanger into a stud.

As an indication a 600mm x 600mm work weighs 3kg.


We want you to feel confident that your investment will stay in place so a stainless steel braid is used to string all original work. This minimises sag and has longevity.

Painting panels

Megan cares about how your painting looks in the future so she make my own painting panels using quality materials.

The painting substrate is hardboard, the gold standard in rigid, stable, archival painting surfaces. 

About Megan Collier Art

Combining ideas of heritage, local identity, biodiversity and sustainability. "In a world of mass production, urban deserts and monoculture, the wild landscape and the vital life they sustain, now stand unique; one of the greatest pleasures of them all."

Through these paintings Megan hopes to encourage you to rediscover, nurture and enjoy your own wild environments whilst taking a breath and relaxing.

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